Private projects for the public good provide manifold benefits for society. Not only is the public good being met by the exceptional attributes of this facility – clean, reliable energy and more water storage, but also by the massive contributions back to the public in the form of taxes, fees, and royalties.

As a privately owned project, the local coffers will see up to approximately $80,000,000 of tax revenues (including initial sales tax, production taxes, and property taxes) over the first 20 years of operation that can be used to help alleviate the problems of disadvantaged rural communities in southern Idaho. As a nonfederal facility, well over $1,000,000,000 in taxes and fees would be generated over its lifespan that can support various government investments in disadvantaged communities.

Cat Creek Energy & Water’s unique topography lies at the intersection of critical regional energy/transmission/water infrastructure making it ideally suited to bring maximum benefits for Idaho. Unlike the past where coal fired plants produced electricity in Wyoming to be purchased from Idaho consumers, CCEW represents a carbon free alternative where the facility is built, operated, and taxed inside of Idaho.

New water storage will facilitate the ability for Idaho’s Treasure Valley to keep up with its rapid expansion yet continue to provide the needed irrigation for this region that sows seed crops for global agricultural production.  Moreover, economic expansion in the Treasure Valley needs resources.  For example, tech giant, Micron, is deciding where to expand its facilities. It is a major investment.  A facility like CCEW can ensure both necessary water for their expansion and net zero emission energy for their sustainability goals.